We have lovingly crafted numerous software products and solutions across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Our code has affected hundreds of thousands of people in positive ways powered at cloud scale as an extension of our pursuit of quality and lasting influence.



A travel site aimed at helping novice travelers with planning their trips based on itineraries that are shared by other travelers.



Workflow automation engine.

Connect all your cloud apps and API's in a visual process model.

Score Dining


A mobile web app that allows people to finding restaurant deals in their proximity.

GAAS (Gamification as a Service)


A content management system with a twist. A gaming platform to allow rapid creation of digital marketing campaigns to engage consumers via HTML5 games targeted for mobile devices.

Mobile web games

Gamified Digital Marketing Campaigns

Various HTML5 games built for mobile device consumption to both entertain and extract behaviour and statistical data from people online. Often prizes can be won as extra incentive to play.

Facebook and Twitter integration, customised content configured and delivered by GAAS platform.

Fish and Win for NT Tourism

National Storage Locker Room Cricket

Tatts Lotto Scratch and Match

Super Coach Goal for News Corp

V8 Pit Crew for Bathurst

Digital Cricket Cup for McGrath Foundation



A code generation tool powered by a simple template syntax to output text based upon a database schema.

This project saved hundreds of hours of typing at the time. A windows executable running on the .Net framework, this connects to a variety of database sources, retrieves schema information, and generates code based upon that schema according to your template.

Great for rolling your own ORM framework or data layer. We used this extensively in finance for custom stored procedures processing dozens of tables many with up to 100 or so columns.



Web-based research tool for Bond University.

Used for recording measurements and reporting/exporting data.


Hazard and Risk Inventory - Concept Project

A proof of concept for heavy industry to be demoed to Aurizon. A cloud-based web app for managing risk.

Basic data entry for hazards. Realtime dashboards on risk profiles.

My Biz App


A product for creating apps for small business.

A cloud-based management app, for pushing notifications, managing menus and content, rewards cards, etc.

Mobile device app is quickly skinnable and uploaded to app store for the customer. The customer can then control brand and style for the app as well as business information.

Url Pretty Print


Pretty printer for url get params.

Available on GitHub.

Barcode Scanner and Control Center

Handheld barcode scanning solution for plant propagation

A Windows CE handheld scanner solution for scanning barcodes of beds and bags in a nursery for planting and picking operations.

The scanner stores scanning data locally onto a SQLite database, and when near wi-fi syncs and streams scanning data to a central server in which raw scanning data can be generated into reports to improve operational performance.

Buy Buddie


Search engine of reputable purchasing solutions.



A personal guide for Brisbane City

A cross platform PhoneGap mobile app for finding public facilities in and around Brisbane.

Canterbury EDI

EDI processing for Canterbury Clothing Company

Internal order processing.

The Issues App

Project management, issue tracking, "improvement management"

A web application running as a SaaS cloud subscription. Built for issue management, tasks, comments, attachments, managing users and resources, reporting on performance and searchable on content.

File Browser

Dropbox style web interface to a cloud drive

A basic web interface for browsing files for an engineering firm.

Shift Planning

Responsive web application usable on desktop or tablet for mining operations.

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